Real Authentic Relationship

Life and Ministry can be so intense, near enough all the time.  Constantly seeking God for a Word, for a sermon, a teaching, for someone or a group.  It’s part of the call.


We’re in the season where people are celebrating relationships. Let’s not forget that real, tangible, authentic, personal connection we have with the Almighty God.


You know that friend, that “just calls to say hi” for no other reason, no agenda or motive, just, Hi.  As you drive, walk, work, sit or do whatever it is you’re doing today; Stop and say “Hi”.  Remember your first Love.  Just check in and make sure that personal, deep down, connection is still fresh, alive and real in your soul.


Just double check to make sure that the relationship is not all work/ministry with no real connection.  Take a walk and be with God.  Write a letter to Him in your journal.  Do something that connects you with Him.  What did you used to do that you haven’t done for a long time?  Just the two of you.


When that connection is right and alive, you smile from the inside!