Your Red Carpet Moment

Article by Tamikah Thomas

Is what you’re wearing a true reflection of your character?



Who you are + Where you are now + Where you are going = Character.


Okay, so you’re about to hit the last step of the staircase.  You’re less than six feet from the front door.  You pick up the keys on the side table and reach down for your coordinated handbag.  You turn the latch on the door and it releases.  This is it; Lights, Camera, Action….


Everyday we walk our own Red Carpet.  The press (friends and colleagues) want to know “who are you wearing?”  


The common bond we all share is that we give permission for admiration, observation, judgement and sometimes, critique. 


“Who are you wearing?”  


Whether you’re wearing designer or high street, who you’re wearing is a representation of YOU.  So when you step out are your clothes wearing you or are you wearing them?


Let your Character reflect your image by what and who you wear.


House of ilona would love to help you understand your character and create clothing to best reflect where you’re going in life.


Look out for the Design with the Designer programme coming soon.



One thought on “Your Red Carpet Moment

  1. Brendirane says:

    I went to a caolthic school when I was young also.Lets see, accessories are a must.Cool shoes (if its not part of the uniform)And great hair.Hair is what makes the person!! (at least in a caolthic school! haha)

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