Roman Collar / Full Collar on our Dresses and Blouses

We have had lots of requests for our dresses and blouse to have Roman Collars or Full collars.


Currently what we do; FREE OF CHARGE is customize any style with a 2cm buttonhole in the front and back for a full collar, you just make this request in the comments when you order.


This has worked well so far but we’re always looking for better ways of doing things.


Going forward all styles (dresses and blouses) will be manufactured with a small, discreet, buttonhole in the front and back collar. This means all styles can we worn;

  • with a tab collar,
  • with a full Roman collar or
  • without any collar at all


We have made all styles to good without a collar. The colour behind tab collars opening blends into the colour of the dress/blouse.


Working hard to serve you with excellence,

Your Clergy Designer