Same Word New Perspective

Imagine you’re at the concert of your favorite artist. You have a seat, three rows back on the balcony, you have a great night. Now imagine the same concert but 3 rows from the front? It’s the same concert but a whole new perspective. Now let’s say you get VIP treatment and the artist allows you to be right on the side of the stage with in-ear monitors so you don’t hear any atmosphere at all just every single, clear note from the music and each voice so clearly it’s like a personal concert! Now that’s a completely new perspective of the same event.

I’m sure you’ve heard a message, received a word or read a book that had a certain level of impact on you at the time you heard it. Days, weeks, months even years later, you could hear the same message, but from a different perspective of life – because you’ve changed, you’ve grown, you’ve lived more, experienced more. Now, that same message has a completely different impact on you. You receive it differently and you see things you didn’t see before.

That’s the incredible thing about God’s Word. It’s quick, powerful, sharper than any 2 edged sword and it never gets old!



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