Serving Your Needs

Here at House of ilona we love to hear what our clients want. We have tons of design ideas but the most important ideas are the ones our clients want and need. After all, you will be wearing them.


You’re needs are essential to us as it helps us to serve you the best way we can.


Here are some of the things you wanted that we’ve delivered so far:

  • You wanted pockets on a clergy dress, we gave you some.
  • You wanted navy, we gave you that too.
  • You also wanted a tea length clergy dress and we delivered.
  • You wanted white dresses and tops and they’re now in production.


We work much better when you work with us! So what else do you need? It’s our pleasure to give it to you, (as we love a fashionable woman of God).


Don’t stop commenting, don’t stop with your reviews, don’t stop telling us what you want, as it’s always our pleasure to serve you.