Should clergy attire be trendy?

I have grown up around and been inspired by so many women in ministry.

These women are strong, confident, they know who they are and they know who their God is. They trust God with every area of their lives yet they’re not weak, some how, they’re stronger then most.

In the midst of intense, scary or confusing situations there’s a peace to them. Some how they have taken what they’ve read in the pages of the Bible and live it.

When they dress, they’re modest yet powerful, elegant and yes trendy and fashionable. So why can’t this powerful, elegant, fashionable style follow through to her clergy attire? Why does the clergy attire have to be a manly shaped shirt?

Having these women in my life as examples has helped me become who I am today. As a Fashion Designer, creating this Clergy Collection is my way of giving back to so many women who have given into me.

So, just as a woman’s style changes; the Clergy Collection will continually be changing and growing. From dresses to tops and suits. They’ll be new colours and styles which will reflect the current fashion trends but mostly my desire is to reflect the image of God in the modern woman.

I know these styles are not for everyone but it is for some. For those of you who connect, I’m going to serve you with excellence so there’s no divide between your closet, your style and your clerical attire.

It’s an honour to serve you.

Your friend and Designer,

I would love to hear your thought below.




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