A Sudden Shift in a New Direction

The success of a new journey depends on your perception, reaction and attitude.
Have you every suddenly had a change of direction?  When your on a path that your familiar with – may-be in your car – and there’s a sudden change of direction. Maybe there’s an accident up ahead, a diversion or some road works that you weren’t aware of.
There you are, driving semi-consciously.  Thinking about; what you need to do when you arrive at your destination, what you need to do on the way home, that conversation you had yesterday, the children… and suddenly there’s a change of direction that shunts you back in to reality!
Suddenly your whole thought process changes and all your future planning is interrupted. 
What does this diversion mean? How far off track will you have to go? Do you have enough petrol/gas? Suddenly, a new collection of thoughts flood your mind, you’ve been shunted into a new direction and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!
The success of a new journey depends on your perception, reaction and attitude.
You have two options:
  1. You can be frantic and panic, try to map out a new route on your sat nav, call a friend for directions or
  2. You can be calm, follow the diversion signs calmly, go with the flow and be back on track before you know it!
This happens in life. You’re on our route in life, business, work, home and family. Everything’s going along as it does… Then suddenly, there’s a shift in direction. Your road is blocked! The route that you were taking has stopped. Maybe a death in the family, loss of a job, something has happened to cause a dramatic change.
Your reaction to this new journey is critical. How you chose to perceive and response is vital and will ultimately affect whether you go with the flow, create a new plan (to follow the signs) and arrive or whether you choose to be frantic.
When I was in my teens, my dad would always say to me when I was rushing because I was late; “You’re running late! Either you can drive like a mad women and get there 10mins late or you could take your time, drive carefully, be calm and still arrive 10mins late!”
Now I realise and appreciate my Dad’s wisdom. It is the difference between arriving flustered, apologetic and unsettled or arriving completely in control and realising you weren’t that late after all and everything’s going to be ok.
It all depends on your perspective, reaction and attitude.
Peace is the best route. Try your best to be calm, think rationally and don’t allow your emotions and the situation – wherever it is – to take over!
Perspective = your mental view
Reaction = an action in response to an event
Attitude = your manner, disposition or feeling
When faced with a sudden unexpected situation. Start by assessing the situation in your mind. Choose how you wish to react. Be in control, keep calm and then take action.