Summer Rest by Doreen Douglas

When you think of rest, what comes into your mind?

I image a deep soak in a hot tub, filled with my favourite scents, Moroccan rose oil, almond oils and aroma of beautiful perfumes. I also visualise running through a field of lilies with them smiling back at me as if to say, “your home now, take it easy”.

The dictionary conveys rest as; cease work, or to relax, sleep, or recover strength.

Rest is also defined as; be placed or supported so as to stay in a specific position.

Rest can also be described as; an instance or period of resting.

In music there is; frequently a period of rest between the notes, and this creates a powerful impression and a sense of surprise and awe. Rest the matter, to lie, to sit, lean. Wow!

What does the Bible say about Rest?
– Our spiritual man is renewed daily as we grow in faith in relation to 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NKJ).
– Rest in the Lord Psalm 37:7 encourage us to be patient, be still, rest and to wait/lean on the Lord to act on our behalf. Let us not worry regarding those who prosper.
– He causes the weary to rest and reminds the complaining Jews that true rest and happiness is in serving others in Isaiah 28:12.
– Physical Rest. In Genesis 2:2. God rested on the seventh day from all his work. God demonstrates that rest for the body, soul and spirit is essential for our wellbeing. The Sabbath observance noted in Exodus 23:12 required every person, including handmaids, strangers, and animals to take rest.
– God’s divine presence allows us to rest in him as in Exodus 33:14. Psalm 23:2. It’s God’s will for us to lie down in green pastures and to experience stillness.
– Matthew 11:28-29 reminds us to come to the Lord and rest from shouldering the heavy burdens we carry on a daily basis. This includes resting from ministry, which is never easy, given that we probably believe that we need to serve and be all to all men. Think about your values in this respect?

The 7 types of Rest
Lindsay Champion explores Dr. Saundra Dalton -Smith M.D
work regarding the 7 types of Rest as follows:

Physical – Active
I enjoy jogging before commencing work as this form of exercise provide effective wellbeing. Champion and Dr Dalton-Smith reports that “activities that restores the body such as massage therapy or stretching” are good for us. “Passive” rest occurs when we are sleeping, relaxing not exertion.

Have you ever felt mentally drained as if you were unable to cope with anything else on your mind? No more voices or people in your personal space including family. Champion and Dr. Dalton-Smith reminds us to let technology work on our behalf such as setting break periods using the alarm on our mobiles, inviting us to take time out/allow our brains to relax. Dr. Dalton-Smith says in the podcast below that “we must have a plan in place” to relax mentally. Let’s take this seriously and arrange a mental plan.

Taking the time to really enjoy life, everything around us can bring a sense of rest. What do you see, hear, smell what can you touch as you read Ordained Magazine? How can our senses embrace the world around us to appreciate life? Champion reports that our “senses can become overwhelmed” with “external stimuli” on a daily basis such as office noise, phone calls, the impact of “bright lights” etc. Dr. Dalton-Smith reports “if left unchecked, this can lead to sensory overload syndrome.” Let’s therefore explore how sensory rest can help our wellbeing this summer.

During lockdown I was able to capture and appreciate the beauty of flowers, God’s creation which makes me smile when my eyes embrace them. I used my mobile phone to take the photo above. This is my visual demonstration of how I am able to relax and it has become my hobby whilst walking daily. Champion and Dr. Dalton-Smith encourage us “to schedule in time for creative rest.” This will allow us to rest/ think clearly without undue pressure to constant production. Creative rest affords stimulation to get our creative mojo back on tract.

We are encouraged to reflect on the impact of our decisions when constantly offering to support everybody, without counting the cost to our own wellbeing. How will your decision impact you emotionally? We maintain several roles; as parents, care givers, wives, leaders/Ministers/ Pastors, and business owners/teachers etc. Emotionally let us take time out to recuperate. I really like Dr. Dalton-Smith’s suggestion and Champion’s expression “it’s time to take a “Yes” vacationc importance of having supportive people whom we can talk to “just say it as it is no need to dress it up”.

Start socialising with family and friends that make us feel good about yourself and life. Gradually reduce the time we spend with those who are emotionally demanding. Let’s proactively find solace in our time alone. Dr. Dalton-Smith reminds us that we need to spend some of our “down time with people who do not drain” our energy. In the podcast below she gave the example of how she looks forward to connecting with two close female friends virtually as a result of COVID-19.

Deep in each of us, is a desire to be at one with God, on our quest to seek the true meaning of life. Psalm 116:7 Let us find spiritual rest in Christ whilst offering service to our community. Dr. Dalton-Smith tells us that we need all 7 types of rest to function well.

We are human, and God expects us to take time out to rest. Turn off social media, set aside quality time for yourself, family without interruption. When was the last time you actually spent an hour alone resting, relaxing without a schedule? Think about it.

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 KJV
Let us rest in the Lord after all, God created us and knows exactly what we need; what, when, why, where, and how to obtain it. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Do check out Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s work the author of Sacred Rest.
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Lindsay Champion Feb 1, 2021
Podcast September 30, 2020 Jen Arnold 210: The 7 Types of Rest with Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, Author
Dr. Dalton-Smith encourage us to checkout the Rest Quiz.



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