Sustain an Atmosphere of Expectation

You have to keep pressing to sustain an atmosphere of expectation!

When you want something and believe, pray, hope, think, expect… It will surely come.

Expectation Creates Results – a quote from the late Bishop Normal L Wagner.

Are you still expecting and hoping with high energy or did your candle of faith dwindle?

Just like in a service, when the people get tired and you need to push a little further to sustain the praise, the worship and/or the prayer.

In life we also have to sustain our faith.  At the point of believing for something/someone, faith is high.  Life happens and focus changes and that faith high can dip. It takes an energetic, creative imagination and belief system to keep that faith elevated.

Convince God you won’t let go till He blesses you. Sustain that Expectation and watch God blow your mind!


Has any one experienced this?  Leave you comment below…



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