#TRENDING for the last few days

White is proving to be a popular colour in the lead up to the Easter Season. This Honey Peplum Top in White sold so much last week it almost sold out! Just giving you a heads up on the last few available now.

Have an absolutely incredible week!! Let’s make the most of every moment.
Wearing something you feel good in is empowering!


Top Shopping Tips:

  • Trust your instincts, your judgment and let The Lord lead you when shopping
  • There are some things that “look good” and some things, that you know will look good on you. You know you!
  • Consider your shape and style.
  • Choose quality pieces, well cut in quality fabrics.
  • A friend once said “buy cheap buy twice” and that’s always stuck with me. It’s worth spending extra for the quality.
  • Wear them over and over, care for them well and you’ll get great value for your investment.


It’s an honor to serve you,