What’s your favourite colour to wear?

We are always interested in the styles and colours you like and wear and that suits you.


This week we asked on our Facebook Page “What’s your favourite colour to wear?”  The tops colours were black and white, followed by pinks, purples, gold and red.


We were planning on writing about the significance of colour until Susan Guillot posted this:

“I chose Purple for Royalty, Red for the Blood of Jesus, which I could never do without and Black because it reminds me of the dead things that I have buried and been delivered from since I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

Black also reminds me of being a servant of God and how important it is to walk in humility because that black robe or dress usually represents how the unsaved will judge or look at you because Black is considered a classic ministry color.

It can make a difference between Salvation and Losing a Soul ! So no matter what color you wear remember Jesus is Love and Matthew 28:19 +20. AND the Colors of the dresses will be represented in honor to the Lord! In everything God gets the Glory ! Be blessed in Jesus Name.”


Amen, we couldn’t have said it better than that, thank you Susan.


Let us know what your favourite colour to wear is below.


What’s your favourite colour to wear?

Posted by House of ilona Clergy Collection on Saturday, September 19, 2015