Win a Clergy Dress


Is it just me or do you often wonder how people see you? At House of ilona we love to hear how you feel about the service we give to you. We really want you to feel honored and appreciated.

One of our clients of 2 years came across House of ilona as her local church sent an email of the website link and was intrigued enough to order an item.

We were pleased to hear her reason as to why it differs to other clergy attire for women:

It is much more complimentary and appropriate for the female rather than the mass produced boxy styled shirts or wide gowns we have been familiar with for several decades.’

Our client also shared the compliments she received whilst wearing House of ilona pieces:

“You look great!”

“That’s very smart”

“You look lovely”

“I love the outfit”

“Did you get that made?”

She also said it makes her look professional yet committed and serious about her ministry.

To all who have yet to experience House of ilona clergy attire our client has a message for you!

“I would encourage every ordained minister to visit the website and invest in buying at least one item of clothing from The Clergy Collection.  I promise you, it will not be the last.  Finally, Camelle and House of ilona have a special way of looking after their customers and customer care is important to them.  This is a valuable asset which encourages customers to keep coming back.”


Remember, if you have or are yet to make a purchase at House of ilona, to leave a review under the item you have purchased to have a chance to win a free dress/top.

We would love to know what you think of House of ilona?