A New Era, Change and Transition

A New Era, Change and Transition

Gosh, so much has changed in our office since this video!!! 
We outsourced our fulfillment. This means… 

1. When our garments are made/manufactured they are shipped to us to; quality check, add collars and labels (I also bless our garments, this is really important to me!) 
2. After this we send them to our warehouse, which is close by and there they store, pick, pack and ship all orders for us. 

We no longer needed the big office space because we don’t hold the stock any more. 

Since the launch of my book Finding Divine Flow (www.FindingDivineFlow.com) I’ve been out speaking a lot more so I’m only in the office 1-2 days a week! So… last week I moved out of the office and back to my home office 😢 I was so sad last week because it’s been an incredible 3.5 years in that blessed office space (the next company will be very blessed, believe me, soooooo much prayer has gone up in that place), so many incredible memories. (I wanted to do a FB Live to share but I was so emotional 😭)

This week I’m much happier and getting settled into my home office space. It feels like the beginning of a new era as we are developing new ranges (I’m always designing), building Ordained Magazine and launching our new Ordained Membership (coming real soon). 

Please keep us in your prayers as we keep our ears to His lips and take steps of faith to serve you better. 

Helping you look good on the outside is our business. Helping you feel good on the inside is our heart!

It’s an honour to serve you,




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