Leaving Comfort Zones and Shining Bright

White clergy robes for women

I intentionally stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend. Zone = an area having a particular characteristic, purpose or use.  Subject to restrictions. “Comfort Zone” is my safe place, I can do me and not be challenged, it’s safe and just, nice.  It is also, by definition, restrictive! I got up, in front of a […]

New & Exclusive Limited Edition Clergy Chiffon Blouse

Limited Edition Chiffon Blouse When we launched our line of Winter Capes a while ago, some ladies in warmer climates asked for a lightweight chiffon blouse… So, here it is. Our Brand New, lightweight Cam Chiffon Clergy Blouse. Perfect for summer and warmer climates. It’s loose and breathable (wear a vest underneath). Buttons down the […]

A Lamp and A Light

Allow God’s Word to be a lamp and a light in your life.   Reading and meditating on God’s word will give light and direction to your life.  Sometimes it’s the words you read, other times it’s the residue of wisdom it leaves in your spirit.   Keep moving!  As you get momentum, which is […]