Ordained Magazine is in demand

We now have to print more copies of Ordained Magazine due to the demand.  Thank you so much for your encouragement, kind words, love and support. The feedback on Ordained Magazine so far has been incredible!!  Ladies are ordering them as gifts for their ministry friends, ordination gifts and for their church bookstores. It’s such an honour […]

Be encouraged by this video Pastors and Leaders

I couldn’t have said it better…  This man of God has said so well what I feel in my heart for you.  If you have a few minutes, please watch this video, please be encouraged, please share with someone who needs to hear this. We serve thousands of Pastors and Leaders through this business and […]

Help!! I’m new to Ministry

Do you remember your Ordination? There’s a new Minister, yet to be ordained, that needs your help, your wisdom, experience and kind words. I would LOVE to compile an ebook for new Women in Ministry.  Would you like to be part of this project? What do you wish someone told you?What wisdom and experience do you […]

It’s my Birthday & House of ilona is 10 years old. 10% Off Today 🎉🤗💝

There’s so much to Celebrate It’s my Birthday today (5th August) and House of ilona is 10 years old this month too. It is such an exciting time. I have been working on some exciting things, including my first book about my entrepreneurial journey.  More on this soon.Enjoy 10% off everything online this week, including […]

WOW This is what they said🤗❤️

Testimony I have a few garments from House of ilona (tops and bottoms made from different fabrics). Never have I been disappointed. The styles and quality are amazing!!!  However, as beautiful as the garments are, and believe me, they are! The customer service supersedes…!!!Thank you, House of ilona :-) Lupina …an answer to prayer House of ilona is […]

It’s your time to Bloom! 10% Off included

It’s your time to Bloom I was thinking about spring and this new season.I felt strongly that this was a word for someone!! “It’s your time to Bloom!” Bloom = a flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty. Sounds like Esther.What has God been cultivating in you?  Bloom = a full bright sound. What does the cultivated […]

Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday

We have sooooooo much to give God thanks for I pray God’s richest and finestblessings over your life this week.May He keep and protect you.May He confirm His Word in you withmiracles, signs and wonders following. In Jesus name! Amen  Thank you for your patience with us during the upgrade. Now the website is super fast and we’re […]

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