The Jersey Honey Peplum Clergy Blouse is open for Backorders

The Jersey Honey Peplum Blouse is coming back… It has been highly requested so we’re bringing it back and opening up Backorders today. If you’ve been after one of these stunning, comfortable, easy-to-wear blouses we have a few coming. Claim yours now. They will be shipped out from 29th October: It would be an […]

New Month. New Beginning.

A New Season is Here!! It’s the final quarter of 2018. Are there things you wanted to accomplish this year and haven’t yet? There’s still time!! “Ready, Set, Goals” What have you not yet accomplished and what do you want to do before the end of 2018?… All while desperately wanting God’s leading and direction: […]

True Story about the Clergy Tea Dress

We ordered Knee Length Dresses from our manufacturer and instead of Knee Length, they sent Tea Length Dresses. This was a problem due to backorders etc, but this suddenly felt significant. The Knee Length Dress was The Dress that launched our Clergy Line, everyone loved it but wanted something straighter and longer. I designed the […]

The Esther Clergy Blouse is BACK

The Esther Clergy Blouse is BACK …but not for long Sorry for the late heads up. Due to fulfilling backorders and waiting lists, these blouses are already flying off the shelves and there are only a few left. We Love it! It’s our Classically Elegant Blouse that won’t go out of style! So we keep […]

Don’t Quit. Stay in Your place. Don’t leave your seat vacant.

Do you sometimes feel like leaving, quitting and giving up? You’ve worked so hard to get where you are. One day someone is going to need you; who you are, what you do and how you do what you do and they know where to find you. But what if they come to find you […]

Shop Your Shape. Clergy Attire

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!  It is so important for us to be the example in loving and embracing our body-shape, no matter our size and proportions. Our bodies are incredible and change so much throughout our lives from travelling around the world, birthing children to pursuing Ministry and Purpose. Here are a few suggestions on Dressing […]

Last few hours Spring Promotion 2018

Spring Promotion Enjoy 10% off Ends Today 10% off till Use Code: Spring2018 Remember to ‘Shop by Size’ so you can see exactly what we have for you to choose from. Not sure of your size? You’ll need a tape measure and our size guide, which you can find here;

It’s so much easier to shop now. Shop by Your Size

You can now ‘Shop by Size’ on I am so excited that you can now Shop by Your Size.  This is going to be such a beneficial feature for our Clients. Just click your size and Every Clergy Dress, Clergy Jacket, Clergy Blouse and Skirt we have available for You, will be shown. This is really […]

Just ASK

Can you help us spread the word? I have always enjoyed studying and doing marketing. My favorite related scripture is when Jesus comes out of the wilderness and “…immediately His fame spread abroad” Mark 1:28.  No social media or press, just powerful word of mouth, personal testimonials and rich experiences. One of the things we learn about in […]

Cam Chiffon Clergy Blouse in Red Limited Edition

Limited Edition Red As we move into the Ressurection Season over the coming weeks, we are reminded of the Power of the Blood of Jesus. I love when we’re able to add Red to our range. It’s Bold and so Significant. This is a signature design for me. I love this chic yet easy-to-wear shape […]

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