NEW Stretchy Comfy Clergy Tee

NEW. The Jersey Clergy Tee. Now Available in a Comfy Jersey Fabric There has been great feedback on the Jersey Honey Peplum Blouse so far. We now have the Clergy Tee Shirt in the same soft, gorgeous Fabric. Available here: It’s an honor to serve you, Camelle  

New and improved and just for You. Jersey Clergy Honey Peplum Blouse

The Honey Peplum Blouse has just come back… in a Gorgeous Quality Stretch Jersey Fabric. For years our clients have asked for a comfortable stretch fabric. The reason we haven’t made anything in Jersey so far is because we knew it needed to be right; the right amount of stretch, not too thick and definitely […]

White Clergy Dresses and White Clergy Blouses

White Clergy Dresses and White Clergy Blouses

After years of producing Black Clergy Dresses and Blouses, our Clients began to request these same styles in White. We are so excited to be able to offer a range of Elegant Styles in White. These are our newest White Clergy Garments.

Clergy Suit Tailored for Ministry

Where Elegant Tailoring meets Ministry you get this Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Wool Skirt. “This suit is breathtakingly beautiful, exquisitely beyond anything you can buy on earth. I love the material, the detail, and the overall design. It is unique and in a class all by itself. If you want to have something “different” […]

Daily seeking to serve you more and serve you better

Constantly praying and brainstorming how to serve you more and serve you better. We always welcome your thoughts and ideas. We’re not chasing to be better than others, instead, we’re seeking to be the best we can be and we’re excited to see what that looks like. It’s an honor to serve you!

Last Chance to Buy

End of Season Sale …from now until 31st Jan On one hand, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to some incredible styles that’s we’ve run for the last few years now. On another hand, we are so excited about what we’ve learnt and the New Styles that have been developed and […]

Traveling around the world sourcing quality fabrics and developing new designs for you

Praying your 2018 is off to a blessed start. I’ve already spent the first 2 weeks of the year traveling around the world sourcing fabrics and developing new designs. This work is a dream come true for me, I love it and I love that God has unleashed this creativity on His Women. It’s truly […]

Clergy Tunic Dress – The Error has now been fixed!

The Clergy Tunic is back in stock …for real this time :-) I’m so sorry. We have had new stock in for the Clergy Tunic but there was an error showing it as “out of stock” on the website, so it couldn’t be purchased. It’s all fixed now. Get yours here: It’s a lovely […]

Order Now for Delivery before Christmas

There’s still time to have your Clergy Dresses and Blouses in time for Christmas. Do you need a Clergy Dress, Blouse or Cape before Christmas? There’s still time. Check what we have in-stock Now.Order by the 20th for Christmas Delivery. Enjoy the holiday season. If it’s snowing where you are stay warm and safe. We’ve had a […]

The Knee Length Clergy Dress and The Esther Clergy Blouse

The Knee Length Clergy Dress & The Esther Clergy Blouse The November Best Sellers are in and they’re a great combination for any Clergy Wardrobe. The Knee Length Clergy Dress and the Esther Clergy Blouse are both: – Flattering – Feminine and – Easy to wear. Available here Praying you have a wonderful week […]

FREE International Express Shipping Continued

The International Express Shipping has been a Huge SUCCESS!! Thank you to those who took part in the test! The feedback has been phenomenal. Diana on Facebook said: “Holy Heaven, my order was completed last Thursday and the shipping company says it will be delivered by the end of today, Monday!!! This is SO AMAZING […]

You are an incredible creation

Already Beautiful For someone who needed to hear this! Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Fearfully means: with great reverence, heart-felt interest and with respect. Wonderfully means: unique, set apart, marvelous That’s YOU! Have a great weekend. […]

FREE International Express Shipping!!!

Want FREE International Express Shipping? How does 2-3 days sound? We are currently testing a new shipping company. Any international orders placed in the next 7 days will receive FREE 2-3 Express Shipping!!! All you have to do is write “Free Express Shipping Please” when you order. It would be an honour to serve you […]

Full Length Clergy Dress or Robe, you choose

Is it a Dress? Is it a Robe? It’s whatever you need it to be when you put it on!   Here’s what Crystal said about it: “I’ve worn my several times, even more than my clergy robe. House of ilona is the best. There garments are worth the investment. Additionally, their customer service and […]

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